Peter Ivanoff


Peter Ivanoff.com is a premier supplier of Concept Art.


Advertising, Film, Video
Producing high quality comps, storyboards and animatics.

New Product Development, Marketing
Creating, designing, and developing new products concepts, packaging and presentations for market research.

Events Promotions, Displays
Creating and designing displays, architectural and interior design concepts.


Peter Ivanoff creates, art directs, and develops products, promotions and advertising for a growing roster of corporate clients with specializations from New Products development and Marketing to Events Promotions. He also works with Advertising agencies producing high quality comps, storyboards and animatics and for corporate clients as a facilitator in ideations. As well as spending time with his family, Peter Ivanoff makes fine art, plays tennis and restores and rides vintage British motorcycles.

Clients Served: Ameriquest, Armor, BBC, Best Buy, Burroughs-Wellcome, Coca Cola, Chiquita, Clairol, Colgate-Palmolive, E-bay, Eveready, Gillette, Google, HBO, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, M&M Mars, Microsoft, Nabisco, Nestle, Netflix, PepsiCo, Pizza Hut, Proctor & Gamble, Nike, Sanford LLC, Starbucks, World Kitchen.

*N.B. Detailed descriptions of projects are limited due to client confidentiality.
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